March 31, 2011

Models Own-Peacock Green

So, I was supposed to get my Zoya order earlier this week. But because of the ridiculous rain in both the Midwest and the Southeastern parts of the United States I still haven't gotten my package yet. Boo hiss. So instead of waiting I decided to paint my nails with this polish.
indoors, artificial light
This is my first and only Models Own polish I have. I got it during a blog sale and I'm so happy I did. I love it. First off, let me say that the actual color isn't that blue. Well, the first coat goes on blue. But the second coat turns it green. It's a shame my camera can't really pick out the color cause it's gorgeous. Depending on the light and how you hold your hand it's green, greenish blue, or blue. And it has just a hint of shimmer.
indoors, natural light
I know I say in almost every post that the polish dried fast, but this one really did. Faster than anything else I have outside of clear. The first coat was streaky, but I got it to even out just fine with two, although there is just a tiny bit of nail line, but I don't usually obsess over that. Formula was great.
outdoors, natural light
I'm going to assume this isn't readily available for those of us in the USA since it's a UK company. Which sucks, but such is life. I really do love this so I'm going to try to be on the lookout for more Models Own polishes. Does anyone know where you can get it in the US? Besides their website.