March 21, 2011

The Last Of My Greens

So I'm not a big swatcher, but I wanted to get the rest of my unused greens on my nails. The majority is from the Green Trio promo from Zoya, plus one from China Glaze that I got in a blog sale. All of these are two coats with a base coat, but no top coats, and dried decently (the CG took a bit longer). All were shot indoors with natural light. Um, pretty sure that's it. Let's get to the colors (that I'm sure you've all seen before but I'm just getting them so yay.)
China Glaze Jolly Holly-Dark emerald green with shimmer. Not really streaky, even with thin coats (which is what I used). I wish I had gotten this during the holidays cause it is a gorgeous green. It does look very Christmas-y.
Zoya Envy-I got this with my Green Trio Promo (I was part of the orders that got sent this color instead of Shawn). Dark forest green creme. Went on well. Highly pigmented. I didn't need two coats; I did them because I used two coats with Jolly Holly.
Zoya Shawn-Got this over the weekend. Was surprised when I received it. It's mossy, grassy green. I can't really describe it. Dries darker than what it looks like on the bottle. Another creme that went on well, not streaky, highly pigmented. Again, could have done one coat but said what the hell and added another. Made the color darker on my nails.
Zoya Ivanka-OMFG HOLY HOLY HOLY. I don't even like glitters but I LOVE this. It's gorgeousx1000. I'm actually very sorry I didn't get this last summer. I wasn't into glitters then (still aren't that much but I'm coming around) and just didn't see the hype. I was wrong. This was on the sheer side with one coat, but two is perfect. I can't stop looking at my nails. Is it wrong to love a nail polish this much? I have a feeling it's going to be hell getting off, but it'll be totally worth it. One more picture of the pretty girl.
That's it. No more greens for a while, I promise! I still have a few more oldies I have to get through which I'm looking forward to. Thank you all for following/reading me. I really appreciated it! :)


  1. Gorgeous greens!!
    And one of the great things about Ivanka and the other polishes with similar finishes is that you get the sparkle of glitter with the easy removal of a regular shimmer. Best of both worlds! :D

  2. So you're saying removal is easy? Score!

    Thanks for commenting. :)

  3. I love greens, so never get tired of seeing them! Ivanka is my fave from the collection it was in. Hmmm... haven't word my Shawn or Envy yet. Loving them on you!

  4. Thanks! I highly recommend Shawn. The more I see it the more I like it. It's just a bit unusual enough for it to be special. IMO.

  5. I convinced my mom to wear Jolly Holly for St. Patty's day and her hands were gorgeous!

  6. Yeah, it's a great color.

    Thanks for the comment. :)