March 17, 2011


I don’t know why I’ve been killing the Zoya’s since I started this blog. Probably because after not having any I somehow have like 11 in my collection. Which is a lot for me, at least in the scant two months I’ve been doing this.
indoors, natural light
Another Zoya girl, this one being Suvi. I like to think of it as a darker emerald green. Not quite forest green, but I can see how some would think it is. It has a nice, subtle shimmer that I wasn't expecting. As with almost all Zoya’s I’ve used so far, dried fast and went on in two coats. Awesome.
indoors, natural light, exposure turned up
I decided to do something a little differently. I’m not a big nail art person (because I don’t have the patience nor the creativity) but I’ve been in love with the scotch tape manis Chloe’s Nails have been doing since I first found her blog in late January. I’ve wanted to do one but never did, because again, I’m not creative and can’t put colors together, all that jazz. But I wanted to do a little accent for this one so...
PLEASE ignore the dent on my middle finger. for some reason the other fingers dried but not that one.
After trying to cut some little design into the tape, I just snipped off a quick piece and placed it on my nail. I used Zoya Ivanka for the design. I like the fact that’s it’s glittery (and I’m not a glitter person) but yet not so obvious. It’s cute. At least I think so.
indoors, artificial light
I guess this counts as my St. Patrick’s Day mani. Have a happy and save holiday everyone. :)


  1. You have GOT to use Ivanka for a full mani - it's amazing!

  2. I know. I wasn't all that up on glitters last year when this was released. Still not, but I love it.