March 5, 2011

Two Random Wet N Wilds

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In an attempt to get some of my polishes out of the not worn box and into the worn box I put on two different Wet N Wilds last night. I guess I kind of swatched them. Huh. Anyway, I bought these about a month ago and just never put them on my nails because something else always caught my eyes. Shame, because these colors are really good and they were $1.99. Score!

For the record, no base or top coats were used with these two. 
No flash, artificial light
First one is Disturbia. It's a vampy dark purple (much darker then what you see in the pictures, even the one without flash) with a subtle shimmer. Very subtle. So subtle I didn't even know there was shimmer until I saw it in the pics. I  used two coats and there were still some bald spots. But I think that has more to do with my technique then with the polish? Maybe.
Color isn't true, but you can see the shimmer MUCH better. With flash.
The formula wasn't thick or thin, just in that medium range. It dried quickly. Like, quick quick. So fast I didn't even realize it was dry until I happen to hit my nail across something and saw no dents. I was impressed. Very impressed. I really loved this color and wished I had put it on earlier. I will definitely be wearing this again.
Excuse my poor paint job. With flash.
Second polish is Blue Moon. I wish I had something amazing to say, but it's your typical dark blue shimmer. The shimmer on this is visible, even without the flash. The formula on this one was medium again and went on smoothly, smoother than Disturbia. And this too dried fast. Much faster than I was expecting. I must say, I hated the smell on this one. I don't know what it is, but it didn't smell like nail polish. In fact, it smelled a little like Butter London polishes, if you have any of those. And I hate the smell of Butter London polishes. But not enough for me to hate the color. If you don't already have this, or even if you do, this is a great one for the price. I love this type of color so I'm happy with it.
Artificial light, no flash.
That's it. I still have a good bit to go through, but I'm making progress. My goal is to get all of these out the way by May so I can order all the summer collections without feeling guilty.
We'll see. :)

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