March 2, 2011


Remember back in November/December of 2010 when Zoya was offering six of their color spoons for free? Well, one of my spoons was Jinx. Brownish/copper shimmer that was appealing to my eyes for some reason at that moment. When I got it I put it on my “to get one day” list, something I knew I wanted, but didn’t have to have immediately. When Scandalously Polished was having her blog sale, I took the chance and bought it from her.
The formula is a bit on the thick side. The first coat looks like it goes on fine, yet when it dries you can see a some streaks. Two coats didn’t make the color any darker. It dried pretty quickly, which I wasn’t expecting for some reason.
I can see why some may not like this color. It might not go with all skin tones. Also, some just don’t like the copper look. To be honest I don’t love this color. I wish it was darker with the same slight shimmer. But it is very pretty and sometimes that’s enough. At least for me. 

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