April 10, 2011


Whew, finally at the end of my Zoya BOGO order. I have to be honest, I was hesitant when I bought this and then when I got it. My reason for getting it was that I wanted to get something outside of my comfort zone. I decided on Faye because it seemed to be the most unique out of all the colors Zoya put out for the Summer collection. Even when my package finally came I was all "glitter? why did I get this again?" But I finally put it on this weekend and...

indoors, artificial light
Wow. Simply wow. It's a light to medium purple with gold glitter. There are also hints of pink and green glitter in there as well. The pictures DO NOT do this polish justice. And it's not just my pictures either. No swatch I've seen of this polish does it justice. It's one of those you have to have to see just how good it is. Looking at this, I finally understand why people go crazy over holos. It's just that pretty.
Formula was okay if a bit thin. Went on very sheer, even thick coats which I did on the hand not shown here. Dried okay I supposed. Not as fast as other polishes in the Summer/Summertime/Mod collection from Zoya. I know that others who have already swatched this used three coats, but I only used two because I liked it with two coats.

I can't believe I'm saying this because glitters usually aren't my cup of tea, but I totally suggest getting this the next time you do a Zoya order. It's PERFECT for Summer, or a Winter pick me up. Or hell, just because.
outdoors, sunlight


  1. Yaay! Another pretty I got too! I swatched mine over the mani I was about to remove yesterday and wooow!

  2. Right? It's so pretty. I love it.