May 15, 2011

Pure Ice-Hot Tamale

Hot Tamale is a pearly-ish type orange that, in person, leans on the red side. There isn't any visible shimmer, but this polish shines, indoors and outdoors. It's a bit darker in person than in the pictures. When I first saw it I thought tangerine and the pictures just confirmed that. I guess in person it's a dark tangerine color. The light hits this one and you get just the tiniest bit of inner glow.
The formula was fantastic. It dried ridiculously quick, much quicker than I ever thought it would. I used two coats here because I wanted to, but I could have gotten away with one. You can see just the teeniest bit of VNL, but I don't mind VNL so it's not any kind of deal to me. If you absolutely hate it then maybe three coats would be best. Now, maybe this was just me, but I did find it easy to get too much on my brush and the polish pooled up just a bit by my cuticles, but it wasn't anything I couldn't control and get under hand right away.
I love this polish. I was such a fool for not putting this on sooner. I want more Pure Ice polishes now. I highly recommend you get this if they sell it at a drugstore near you. And if you dig oranges like I do. Orange seems to be one of the "it" colors for this summer and Hot Tamale would be the perfect nail polish to use.


  1. gorgeous summery orange looks ace on you!!! :D I've tagged you for a kreativ blogger award on my blog, sorry if you've already been tagged :)

  2. Thanks! And thanks! I've already done it but I really appreciate it. :)