June 7, 2011

NYX Girls-Royal Purple

I had no idea that today was Prince's birthday when I put this one on last night. But pretty apropos, don't you think?
Royal Purple is a dark (and I mean DARK) purple polish with lots of purple, blue, red, and green micro glitter in it. I don't have an indoor shot unfortunately, but when indoors it's not highly visible. You can see shimmer, but you can't tell what it is. But once with a direct light source it really comes out.
outdoors, sun
The formula to this was...weird. It went on streaky with the first coat. And I thought that it evened out with the second. But when I took pictures I saw that it didn't really do that. There are some bare spots that you can see on the nail. It's not highly visible, but I wish I would have known that while putting it on. Despite being dark, unless you do thick coats (and my second coat was thick) you definitely need three coats.
outdoors, flash
Despite all that, it was easy to handle, not too thick or thin. And like my previous NYX Girls polishes, it dried pretty quickly. I think I love that the most with these polishes. It's a very pretty dark, vampy purple with lots of hidden shimmer/glitter. Perfect for fall. Or Prince's birthday. :)


  1. There are some pretty polishes from NYX Girls! Shame about the application, but the color is so pretty I probably would snag this anyway haha! Happy birthday to Prince - I just utterly love him, saw him in concert right before I got married and he's AMAZING. *swoon*

  2. So jealous! Prince came to Charleston once but I didn't know until the day before and tickets were sold out. :(

    Thanks for commenting!