September 8, 2011

Diamond Cosmetics-Chainmail Charm

So I never got the original Chainmail Charm unfortunately so I have no idea how close this one is to the original. But when browsing the Diamond Cosmetics site and saw this was being offered again, I had to buy a bottle.
indoors, artificial light
Chainmail Charm is a very thin, almost jelly type black (it's not, but that's how thin it is). It has lots of holographic glitter running through it. I put on three thin coats and they dried average to slow, but I let this dry without top coat. I know holos typically have a horrible reputation with their formula on "regular" basecoats, but I didn't have any trouble with this at all wearing my typical bc. Was pleasantly surprised.
outdoors, sun. sorry for how blurry it is! it looks 10x better than this IRL.
I don't think this is the most gorgeous black holo ever, but you can't beat it for $2.50. I look at it like, if you didn't get your hands on Color Club Revvvolution then this is a good substitute for that.
indoors, artificial light


  1. Awesome that they brought it back again!!

  2. Jossie-yeah, it's really great they finally have this back in stock. :)

    Fashion Footing-you can say that again!

    KayJay-aww, thank you! :)