September 4, 2011


Yep, I signed up for the Julep Maven program. I got the introductory box and I have the two polishes that were in there (Sienna and Emilie-I'm an "It Girl") but I also got the September box as well. Now, I didn't mean to but I forgot about the automatic charge thing so it got shipped to me. I'm actually kind of happy about it because I'm digging the cuticle oil and hand cream that was offered.

Anyway, the polish this month was Stella. Julep calls it a mustard yellow and I don't disagree with that. The problem is that my camera isn't showing you the true color. It's darker and a bit dirtier, if that makes any sense. My pictures make it seem bright, which it isn't.
indoors. sorry about the blurriness.
The formula was all wonky. It was thick, yet runny and streaky. I take it that's how typical  yellows go. Had a little trouble making sure it didn't pool on my cuticles, but it wasn't horrible. I thought the problem would be getting the polish out of the bottle, but that was fine. I also like the brush. It's not as big as the OPIs, but it fans out really well. And I loved how quick this dried. I did two "not think but certainly not thin" coats and I was surprised how quickly it dried to the touch.
While I don't know if this is worth getting box for (although the hand cream and cuticle oil might make up for that) and I don't know how well this works on me I like it. The formula isn't the best, but again I think that's par for the course with yellows. I just wish the true to life color of the polish showed because it's, I think, better than this.

(Please ignore how short my middle finger is. It broke pretty deeply today and I didn't want to cut all the rest of my nails down.)


  1. I've been out of town for the last few days, so I cant wait to get my Sept box...I got Stella as well. The yellow looks good on you!

  2. Hope you enjoyed yourself!

    I love the cuticle oil. It has a roller ball so application isn't so messy. And the hand cream, while smelling...weird, isn't greasy and really softens. I'm loving the Julep box for everything but the polish. :)

  3. lol @ everything but the polish! I just got my box today. The lotion seems just okay to me. I'm going to try out the oil tonight.

  4. Maybe I'm liking the lotion because I'm not too picky with lotions? As long as it moisturizes I'm good. This does so I'm good with it.

    I like the oil more though. I hate messy cuticle oils and I refuse to pay $15 for the Lush cuticle cream (even though I want it like whoa).