November 26, 2011


Hey everyone. I hope you all are having a good Thanksgiving weekend. Mine has been pretty chill. This is the mani I wore throughout Thursday and Friday. I've had Ink in my untrieds for about...two years now? Definitely longer than a year. I don't know why I haven't pulled it out before now, but I'm glad I finally did because I love this. You've all seen this forever and a day already, so I won't be too long with this.
indoors, artificial light
Ink is a dark purple with purple glitter. It's just gorgeous. These are the worst pictures of this polish ever, but the polish in person is just stunning.
indoors, artificial light. close up.
The formula, even after two years, was fantastic. Nice and thin but only needed two coats. Dried easily and quite quickly. I will say it did chip on me a bit, but I don't go crazy over those things. Chips happen.
even more of a close up. with flash.
This is just a stunner. It's a must have in your collection, and I'm pretty sure everyone already has this. If not hen go and get it now. Not tomorrow, NOW. :)

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