February 13, 2012

Julep-Megan and Hits-Hefesto

Megan is a shimmery light blue. Kind of ocean blue to me. It's very pretty, but it seems like something that's already been done before. The formula was okay and it dried okay, not fast but not slow. It chipped quickly, but I'm beginning to notice that Julep doesn't last on me as long as other brands. Oh well.
It was looking pretty plain the next day so I decided to add Hits Hefesto. Hefesto is the holo topcoat in the Speciallita no Olimpo collection. I love this top coat. It covers nicely and it dried super quick. I did one coat here because I didn't want the pretty color that Megan is to be overshadowed. This mani screamed summer to me (particularly something that would have fit right in to the summer collections from last year). Too bad the weather finally decided to remind us that it's actually still winter. Boo.