February 8, 2012

Hits-Powerpuff Girls Elemento X

Quick post tonight. Guess who has to read all of Don Juan by Lord Byron by tomorrow? Yay.

Elemento X is another polish from Hits, this time from their Powerpuff Girls collection. This is the only one that really caught my eye. Let me say now, this polish looks so much better in person than in these pictures. These pictures suck in comparison, but I adore this polish so I had to make a post.
Elemento X is...I actually don't know how to describe it. A black polish with tons of green shimmer? A dark hunter green with lots of the same color shimmer that leans black? I don't know, but I will say that it looks black (or dark green) the majority of the time and when a light hits it it glows green. It's so damn awesome.
Formula was pretty good. Thick, but I've come to expect that from Hits polishes now. I was able to work with it easily though. The bristles in this was okay. Not as bad as in Cool, but not perfect. (After checking Llarowe's Facebook page I see several of the Mari Moon polishes had funky brushes. Booo Hits.) This dried really fast. Much faster than I expected, especially considering I did a pretty thick second coat for this mani.
Again, I love this polish. Pretty awesome. This is one you have to see in person to get why it's great. If you're a lover of green nail polish then I highly recommend this. I'm trying to think if there is a dupe of this out there somewhere and I can't come up with anything. Pretty unique and, again, awesome. I got this from Llarowe, per usual.

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