April 12, 2012

Sinful Colors-Neptune

This is a part of the Cast Away collection from...I want to say a month ago? Two months ago? Sinful Colors releases collection pretty constantly so I have no idea. It's the one named after the Greek Gods. Neptune is a dark blue (but not really navy) with lots of shimmer. The shimmer range from blue to silver to a hint of pink in it. Thinking about it, it kind of reminds me of OPI's ...Herring Problem, only darker. And a bit less shimmer. And for less. Very very pretty though.
I did two coats. It needed both coats. Sinful Colors dries on the slower end of the spectrum for me so it took a while, but that's okay. The formula was great too-not too thick or thin and easy to control. I want to say I have a color like this in my collection, or that maybe this is a dupe for something, but honestly I couldn't think of anything. The only thing I could come up with is BB Couture's Carrie, but that was darker. I really like this! If you like blues and shimmers and polishes that you can get from anywhere for $1.99 then this is for you.

(Note: All the little mess ups on my nails (mostly pinkie and pointer fingers) isn't because of the polish. It's because I'm a clumsy butterfingers and dropped the brush while I was painting, knocking my nails against a table, and getting blue nail polish all over my white shirt. After that I wasn't going to start from scratch again.)


  1. Blerg, I keep staking my Walgreens for this to no avail. Hopefully I'll get my hands on it soon though. It looks amazing on you!

  2. Booo, that sucks. Have you tried Rite Aid or CVS? I also find Sinful Colors there. In fact, I find more of the new collections from drugstore brands at one of my local Rite Aids about a week to two weeks before Walgreens and CVS. Try some other places.

  3. This collection went 100% over my head...didn't even notice that it was around. Now I'm sad because I love this color. In general I love it, but it really does look fab on your nails.
    *sad face*

    1. It probably is still there. I know that Sinful Colors collections always carry over in my local drugstores. Of course we get the collections later than other parts of the country too. I say see if you can still find it.

      And thank you. :)